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A Versatile Product Range
    Hardware is often one of the defining features for doors. The form and function of handles and locks provide a tactile experience that can considerably enhance the appearance and usability of your doors.

EPIC Windows & Doors offer you contrasting ranges - Miro™ and ICON where unity of design and consistency of performance shape the look and feel of our ranges of window and door hardware. Achieving a family likeness within each range was a priority, hence the visual theme - smooth, curved lines for Miro and a square, contemporary look for ICON.

Miro and ICON hardware is only available on APL aluminium joinery brands.

Door Hardware

      Miro lever door handle

With a sleek, comfortable grip common to all Miro hardware, the lever door lock is available in several locking options, including keyed both sides or with interior snib. An upward handle movement activates four-point locking.
Miro interior lockset

Miro handles for interior timber doors provide continuity - allowing a seamless transition from exterior to interior joinery. A privacy handle is available with snib to provide latch locking.

      Miro Sliding Door

The Miro sliding door 'D' handle comes in two sizes. The lock is separate from the handle and is operated by key or snib.
Miro bi-fold operator

This swivel lock activates locking rods in the top and bottom of the door panel. A key-locking version is also available.
Door Hardware

    Icon lever door handle

A clean, compact lever handle with four point locking as standard. The grip has a gently radiused front face and a curved back for a comfortable hand hold. A lifting movement of the handle activates locking rods at the top and bottom of the door.
Icon interior lockset

Matching aesthetics are a feature of the lever handle for interior timber doors. These photos show the privacy option which has a locking snib that is pushed up and down. A non-locking version is also available.

  Icon sliding door flush pull

This is an alternative to a sliding door handle and offers a more understated look. Internal corners of the pull are rounded to soften the aesthetics. A mortice lock with hook bolt is fixed separately and is activated by key or interior turn knob in a rectangular base.
Icon sliding door

This powerful square-form handle offers a firm, comfortable grip and is ideal for larger sliding panels. It is fixed to the door on both the interior and exterior. A mortice lock with hook bolt is fixed separately and is activated by key or interior turn knob in a rectangular base plate.


Aria Door Hardware

    aria hinged door handle

aria hinged door handle + indicator


  aria bifold operator

The Twin Bolt lock body has been designed for use on both bi-fold windows and doors. The Twin Bolt combines security features with a practical design, fulfilling the needs created by architectural innovations within the residential market. Suitable for use with aluminium or uPVC hinged windows and doors.
aria endeavour sliding door handle

Suitable for use with aluminium, timber or uPVC horizontal sliding doors, the Aria Endeavour Sliding Door Lock incorporates enhanced security and safety features.
Styling cues are taken from the Aria design, enabling a consistent look throughout the home.


  albany endeavour

The Albany Endeavour offers improved functionality and performance, meeting Australasian standards in both security and durability. Easily retrofittable, the Albany Endeavour is the ideal choice for sliding door applications.